Lee's Taxidermy was founded in 1950 by Lewis Francis Lee Sr. and Elizabeth Lee.  Robert Lee and Lewis Lee Jr. are the second generation taxidermists with Stephen Lee proudly our third generation Taxidermist. Our studio has been at the same location in The Plains Virginia and operated continually since the business startup. We serve you with the skills and artistry honed through three generations of craftsmen to preserve your trophy with incredible realism.

We are a full service Taxidermy business including deer, elk, bear, African game, exotics, small game, game birds and trophy fish. Being avid sportsmen ourselves we understand the importance of preserving your trophy with lifelike realism. We are family business that takes pride in our work and our customer's satisfaction is our primary concern. Our business is built upon our reputation.

Click here to visit the TecSavi website.
Click here to visit the TecSavi website. Click here to see our services and trophy tips.